7 years ago
Want to Upload? Want to leave a link?
Hi everyone,

In this topic you can request a game by leaving its name or post a link to download the CG set so i can upload it.

If you want to upload a CG set, send me a PM. The set must follow this rules:

1) The set must contain ALL "ev" images. this means, the images of sex scenes and characters. Its up to you if you upload backgound (bg) or characters (ch) only images.

2) The set must be named like:


In "name" just put the name of the game of the first word of it. por exemple:


3) The set MUST be orderes so the last picture appears as the first one, and the original first pic must be at last. So you invert the order of the CGs. You can use a program like Bulk Rename Utility to do this for you. This is very importants so after uploading the whole set, the las image uploaded appears at the begining of the search. If the last pic corresponds to the first of the original set, then it will be correctly uploaded. Otherwise, the CG order may be incorrect by starting from the last original image.

4) The tags must contain the name of the game spaced by an underscore like:


Also you can add another short tag incluiding the first two words of the game:



For requesting upload permissons, send me a PM and ill grant you the hability to upload sets ;)

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